Going to nationals

Once upon a time, there was a girl who competed in Academic Decathlon.

Her team qualified for State but they sort of sucked. She walked away from State with one medal.

A few seconds after taking this photo, the girl decided that next year, her team would win Regionals, win State, and then win Nationals.

She was serious!

To be honest, that goal was pretty absurd. Her team just wasn’t a contender at the state level. Winning schools walked away with so much bling on their necks that they couldn’t walk. No one had that problem on her team.

But her team worked hard. And the girl worked hard.

The next year, they won Regionals and broke a record.

Then they won state.

So it was time to go to Nationals.

The team got second in Division 1.

The girl won as an individual and broke a record.

And so the girl and her team accomplished something that no one in the world believed they could accomplish. But it would’ve been impossible without a great team and coach.

The girl went to Harvard and captained a Mock Trial team. Her teammates were awesome there, too.

Team F*** Ithaca, 2008-9

Team Maserati, 2009-10

They won. A lot.

Partied. A lot.

But one day, the girl stumbled into cycling by accident. And the girl fell in love with the bike.

She crashed a lot in the beginning.

Teammate Chris gives me a push back into the race after my crash.

Like, a lot.

And the girl sort of sucked. So she decided that next year, she would qualify for Nationals.

She taught some Mock Trial to high school students, and then quit retired.

The next season, she still crashed once.

But for the most part, she stayed upright and started understanding this bike racing thing a bit better.

The girl qualified for Nationals.

And will be racing in Madison, WI one week from today.


1 thought on “Going to nationals

  1. Congrats Sophy! And about your whole “national” motivation to get to that level….do they have “national” court you could decide to aim for???? LOL Of course they do! We just to have you set “national” goals!

    Love the pics from “the old days.”

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