Beware big white signs

Considering the name of this blog, I thought the first post might as well deal with my weekly climb up Mt. Nebo and Mt. Glorious.

If I don’t get lost along the way–and that’s a big if–the entire ride takes a little under four hours. Getting lost usually means riding up and down the same mountain pass a few times like a lost tourist.

My problem is that I constantly assume I’ve missed a turn when I really haven’t, and refuse to concede I’m lost when I actually am lost. My stubbornness usually tacks another hour onto the ride… which leaves me stranded mid-mountain with two empty water bottles.

Then again, stubbornness might not be such a bad thing heading to the base of the climb. You need a bit of it to ignore Big White Signs like this one. (Psh, I’m not a heavy vehicle, trailer, or caravan.)

And, a few kilometers down the road, the second Big White Sign. You can see a bit of Mt. Glorious in the background.

After the two Big White Signs, the frequency of warning signs increases quite a bit. I took shots only of the first set since capturing all of them would’ve involved getting off the bike every few minutes… which is hard to do mid-climb.

I took Goat Trail yesterday afternoon instead of the usual rolling rise up Mt. Nebo. The ascent was one of those endless, unrelenting, soak-your-entire-body-until-the-sweat-trickles-down-your-arms-and-off-your-drops-even-though-it’s-barely-55-outside climbs.

The reward? This view. I rode from a suburb literally over the horizon.

Further down the descent but no less beautiful.

Sorry to disappoint… but after over 700 miles of riding over the last 3 weeks, I’ve yet to see any kangaroos.

I grew up here but forgot just how stunningly beautiful it is.

I love this place.


4 thoughts on “Beware big white signs

  1. This was amazing to read, and I hope your navigation skills improve as the weeks go on. Also, I hope you see a kangaroo soon (and capture it on film), but not if it causes you to tumble down a steep slope.

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